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About Me

Scott Shirock, aka ScottyShy, was raised in the suburbs of Detroit. His family was very musical and started him on piano lessons when he was 8. At 11 he got his first drum set and his Uncle Rob burned him a CD of Steely Dan and told him to play along with it. That started molding his future sound as a drummer and a music producer.

He studied jazz in high school and wanted to follow his older brother down to Nashville to study drums at Belmont University, so that's what he did. While studying drums at Belmont Scott was able to take piano, bass, guitar, and vocal lessons. He was also able to play drums on many different sessions and fell in love with being in the studio.

After college, Scott was touring with his own band KiND, and playing in wedding bands - but when he was in town he was writing, recording, and producing music at his home studio. Eventually, writing and producing music became his main passion and he now splits his time between a home studio and a studio called Pentavarit, which is in Berry Hill.

His main influences are jazz, funk, motown, electronic dance music, and hip-hop. All of this helps give ScottyShy's tracks a groove and a feel that will make you smile and move.

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